When Siobhan Menzies left general practice to establish HolisticPet it was with a vision to provide safe and effective complementary therapies for pets which did not have the undesirable side effects often associated with conventional medication. It quickly became apparent that the animals most in need were those suffering from painful conditions. These pets invariably had reduced mobility and poor exercise tolerance. Many of these patients had already tried standard pain medications which either weren't effective enough on their own or which caused additional health problems. Siobhan noticed that adding acupuncture to the treatment regime seemed to have a beneficial effect and it soon became the mainstay of HolisticPet with the majority of patients seeking help for painful conditions. In her further quest for therapies to reduce pain and achieve a return to full physical fitness Siobhan introduced laser therapy; physiotherapy; physical rehabilitation; Emmett technique and hydrotherapy on the underwater treadmill. 

In June 2015 Siobhan invited Elsa Izaguirre to join the team. Elsa's studies in veterinary physiotherapy; her experience in a pet rehabilitation clinic in Spain; and her enormous enthusiasm and passion for her vocation soon made her a popular addition to the team. Elsa works with Siobhan in Earlswood referrals and Clare vets but manages the Garden Lodge clinic herself. She continues her studies in chronic pain management.

In January 2016 Esther Skelly Smith spent a few days shadowing Siobhan and Elsa in their clinics. Only a year later having completed her acupuncture studies HolisticPet welcomed Esther and she now manages the Cromlyn House and Cedargrove branches of the practice. Esther has since completed chiropractic and chronic pain courses. 

HolisticPet is now a unique veterinary practice committed to reducing pain and improving mobility in their four legged patients while maintaining as good a quality of life as possible. All three veterinary surgeons are dedicated to working with your primary veterinary surgeon to provide an effective program of multimodal analgesia tailored specifically for your pet.