When I say that my dog is my whole world, I’m not exaggerating. Even my husband learnt very quickly the pecking order!

Many of you as pet owners will understand my love for my wee girl Joy, my Blue Roan, Cocker Spaniel , who is currently 11 ½ years old.

From a young two-year-old Joy was troubled with ear infections, and constantly licked her paws.  Her various treatments, recommended by the vet, included malaseb shampoo, cortisone spray, antibiotics; all of which were just a sticky plaster for her ailments! Next though, there was a lengthy treatment of “hard core” injections, but my wee girl declined rapidly - she no longer followed me everywhere (yes she is my shadow) and seemed depressed and lethargic.

A friend recommended Siobhan Menzies, a homeopathic vet; …well I didn’t know they existed!  Needless to say I wanted my girl to get better and so was willing to try anything!

Now fast forward eight years and I still have my perky, energetic Joy, who is as active as ever!

Joy, who initially was being treated for ears, skin itching management, has had more than her fair share of “knocks”.

She has survived a brutal dog attack, on-going pancreatitis (which hasn’t hindered her either), and a recent diagnosis of cancer (thankfully the tumours were removed successfully and Joy remains under close guidance and management),

Indeed, Joy is still my shadow and lives life to the full.

I cant express enough how Siobhan’s treatment has been a life changer.   

Siobhan had a meticulous, professional, warm, personable approach. Her attention to detail has included gathering Joy’s history, thorough examinations and investigations which have always provided an individual treatment, uniquely tailored to Joy’s specific needs.

Homeopathic treatment has restored and maintains Joy’s quality of life where conventional medicine was unsuccessful and indeed become detrimental to her well-being

Homeopathic treatment is not a quick fix, it is however as individual, and unique as your pet is.  You will have the confidence in knowing that the treatment selected will be specific to your pet’s symptoms, and will not have any adverse side affects.

Homeopathy in its very nature is holistic and a most effective health care choice for your pet. It’s a win, win!

Nicky Hall

From the simple to the obscure, from rehabilitation to maintenance Holistic Pet Vet NI has helped my family's and friends dogs for years in particular a very special german wired haired pointer called Lola who just needed an extra hand at being old.

I have found All the vets at Holistic Vet NI to be kind, knowledgeable, very thorough and to go above and beyond to help my pets.

Recently Siobhan, Elsa and Esther have been helping my chow chow Colin after a cruciate ligament surgery, I have been supplied with pain relief, massage techniques and a rehabilitation exercise program which is closely monitored to ensure he is getting everything he needs and Colin is now enjoying light exercise.

Charly Hobson

Charly came to us after a particularly bad start in life. She was a very nervous girl and spent much of her time licking and chewing at herself which left her raw under her arms and tummy with large sores on her paws and legs. After a diagnosis of lick granuloma and numerous visits to the vet, and a series of unsuccessful treatments consisting of tablets, creams and at one stage anti-depressants which turned the long suffering dog into a marshmallow my friend suggested contacting Siobhan.

On the first visit, in under a minute Siobhan identified a hip problem that had previously been un-diagnosed and as it turned out this chronic pain accounted for the continued licking. Siobhan and Elsa started acupuncture, laser treatment and sessions on the underwater treadmill. The transformation was immediate and heartwarming, Charly’s entire posture and demeanour improved dramatically.

We've never looked back, Charly is on a 6 week maintenance program and is happy, pain free and needs no medication whatsoever. I have owned dogs my entire life and in spite of positive introductions to vets none of my dogs have enjoyed their appointments... not so with Charly... all I have to say "Will we go see Siobhan and Elsa?" and she bounds out of the house and into the car, she adores them both. They have transformed her life, both Siobhan and Elsa are the incredibly skilled and genuine people and I can't thank them enough for turning my sore, depressed Charly into an energetic, active and happy dog.

Rolf White

Siobhan was recommended to us by a friend. I was telling her about our dog’s inevitable ageing process and how we were trialling omega 3 and a few other things. Rolf is our eight stone ball of german shepherd fun and was a nine year old at the time I was telling my friend how I watched distraught at the top of the stairs one night as he tried to climb up for bedtime but was clearly in agony.
“You should really try Siobhan. She’s helped my dogs. She’s a bit of a dog whisperer- she won’t let you tell her what’s wrong with the dogs –she’ll want your dog to tell her what’s wrong”.
So I researched the website and to my delight discovered that Siobhan visited our vet’s once a month. So I made an appointment for the next time Siobhan was in town and looked forward to getting her opinion on Rolf. Then I remembered… Rolf and trips to the vet don’t mix. At all. He hasn’t quite left a Rolf shaped hole in the consulting room door yet but it’s not for want of trying.  The only thing that Rolf would be likely to convey to Siobhan in no uncertain terms during their consult was that he really didn’t want to be there. So I e-mailed Siobhan and said that unfortunately Rolf wouldn’t be able to keep the appointment and explained why. “Not a problem”, she replied, “Would it be ok if we arranged a house call?” And just like that our first visit from Elsa was arranged.
Rolf probably is double Elsa’s weight so to see a GSD with no love of vets allow Elsa to put acupuncture pins in his head and along the length of his back is quite a sight but to see her smother her in kisses while she does it is testament to the relationship between hound and therapist. Elsa’s confidence, competence, professionalism and efficiency is something we all look forward to each month as she delivers Rolf’s bespoke therapy which has improved his range of movement and ultimately his quality of life.  We are forever grateful to Siobhan and Elsa all they do for Rolf.

Donald Colgan

Where to begin? …I initially approached Holistic Pet (and complimentary therapy) with equal amounts of scepticism and hope but within a very short time I became evangelical about it’s health and wellbeing benefits for my dogs.

To this day I continue to be amazed by the results Siobhan and her team are able to achieve and their practitioner backgrounds provide the added reassurance that you and your pet are in good hands.

My current dog (an English Bull Terrier called Donald) has been treated by Siobhan for a range of ailments since we rescued him 11 years ago (skin issues, lameness and more recently arthritis and some mild anxiety due to age related hearing loss). He has never responded well to traditional veterinary medication but his improvement through acupuncture, laser treatment and more recently Emmett and holistic drops has been nothing short of miraculous. So much so that we are convinced Siobhan has found the secret to youth as well as happy, healthy pets.
As always a big thanks from The Colgan’s - especially Donald “Button” who is totally loving life (currently 13.2 years going on 3!)